Birthstone Jewellery

Treat someone special to a quality piece from our Birthstone Jewellery Collection. A thoughtful gift for birthdays and other special occasions, Pascoes offers the 12 traditional gemstone collections associated with each birth month throughout the year. These precious gemstones add a unique flair to classic gold or sterling silver jewellery, with the stones’ unique meanings adding a personal touch to your special piece.

Unique Birthstone Gifts

For a unique birthday gift, shop our Birthstone Collections available year-round at Pascoes. Visit us in store or online to discover the full range of birthstone rings, birthstone earrings, pendants and more. Create a stunning look with a matching gemstone pendant and earring set, or choose a statement ring to showcase in your chosen gem. Each stone carries a unique meaning to connect the wearer to their birth month, making for a special birthday gift to be treasured for years to come. Our birthstone collections include -

Birthstone Rings

From the striking green of emeralds for May celebrations to the deep ruby red of our July birthstones, a birthstone ring is a stunning way of incorporating precious gems into your classic gold or sterling silver setting. Whether you love the simplicity of the classic single-stone or three-stone rings, or the added elegance of a statement gemstone with diamond accents, the Pascoes Birthstone Collection has something for every taste, each and every month of the year. Explore the full range of birthstone ring designs across each of our collections and find the perfect piece for yourself or for a birthday gift to impress.

Birthstone Necklaces & Pendants

A coloured pendant is one of the most classic ways to incorporate a precious gemstone into your jewellery repertoire. Elegant drop-style gemstone styles make for a timeless necklace - and with many of our pendant designs including diamond accents, your birthstone pendant will no doubt become a jewellery staple to accompany casual day to day outfits and evening attire alike. For a stunning look, consider a classic combination by pairing your birthstone pendant with birthstone earrings, whether they’re complementary dangling drops or more subtle gemstone studs.