General Jewellery

Here are a few helpful hints to keep your Jewellery looking shiny and new:

  • Remove jewellery before sleeping to avoid unintentional damage.
  • Items should be stored separately to prevent scratching.
  • Non flexible items are best kept flat when not being worn.
  • Direct contact with perfumes and hairspray or other chemicals may cause jewellery to discolour or degrade.
  • Remove jewellery when doing physical activities such as going to the gym, gardening, cooking or other heavy duty activities.
  • Items are not recommended to be worn whilst swimming or showering.
  • Special care is needed for hollow items as they may dent under impact or pressure.
  • It is recommended that you have your jewellery professionally cleaned every year. The settings should also be examined at this time to ensure any necessary work is done to prevent the loss of precious stones.
  • Pascoes The Jewellers display boxes are intended for presentation purposes. We do not recommend that your precious item be stored in the display box. For best results, store items separately in soft pouches to prevent oxidisation.

White Gold Jewellery

Thank you for choosing a beautiful piece from our white gold collection. All our white gold Jewellery is rhodium plated to enhance the white colour which is a standard practice in the Jewellery industry.

The rhodium plating is a layer of rhodium that is electro plated over white gold to enhance the white colour and shine of your Jewellery.

Rhodium plating will wear off over time. White gold items will require re-plating in order to maintain the premium shine and white finish. In order to protect your jewellery and prolong the life of the rhodium plating, please follow these few simple guidelines.

  • Make-up and perfume can be acidic and this acid could affect the lustre of your white gold Jewellery.
  • Remove your white gold Jewellery when doing housework so as not to expose your Jewellery to harsh chemicals. Chlorine-based detergents and the like can have a damaging effect on white gold over time.
  • Do not wear your white gold Jewellery while taking a shower or swimming due to traces of chlorine and salt in the water.
  • When storing your white gold Jewellery, if possible keep your items separate to your other Jewellery to avoid scratching and store in a soft pouch to help protect it from any oxidization.
  • Care should be taken when cleaning your white gold Jewellery. A soft cloth should be all that is needed as any cleaning solutions can be too harsh and may shorten the life of rhodium plating.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearls will last a lifetime if looked after well. In order to protect your pearl jewellery and to keep your pieces looking as good as new, please follow these few simple guidelines:

Pearl Jewellery and the glue often used in settings, is highly sensitive to acids, dryness and humidity, therefore special care is needed when wearing and cleaning your pearls.

  • Do not clean pearls in ultrasonic and/or steam jewellery cleaner
  • Do not bathe or swim whilst wearing pearls
  • Avoid wearing perfume, cosmetics or creams on your neck or ears when accessorising with pearls.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals and acids
  • Avoid abrasive clothing; such as wool, sequins, beading, etc.
  • Avoid hairspray lacquer
  • Avoid wearing pearls in dry heat; this causes dehydration leading to the crazing and cracking of nacre.

Cleaning: Should only be completed with a soft, damp cloth after each wearing.

Crystal Jewellery

Our Crystal is set in a special resin, giving your jewellery a wonderful sparkly look and is intended for occasional wear only. In order to protect the sparkle and to keep your pieces looking as good as new, please follow these few simple guidelines:

  • Do not shower or swim while wearing your crystal jewellery, as too much water may loosen the stones and may make them appear cloudy.
  • Avoid contact with soaps, shampoos, chlorine and saltwater as this may be harmful to your jewellery.

  • Cleaning: Use a soft cloth to polish the metal surfaces. Do not use jewellery cleaning solutions, as these could affect the lustre of the crystal and loosen the setting of the stones.

    Body Jewellery

    Body Jewellery, like all jewellery requires some level of care. In order to protect your jewellery and to keep your pieces looking as good as new, please follow these few simple guidelines.

    • Sterilise your body jewellery before use with an antiseptic wipe.
    • Do not use body jewellery for piercing.
    • Allow your piercing to fully heal before inserting body jewellery.
    • Toe rings should not be pulled apart or squeezed together when placing on your toe. This may cause the precious metal to crack or the stones to loosen.
    • Anklets may break if pulled or caught on stockings or shoes.
    • Remove your jewellery before sleeping to avoid accidental damage.
    • Remove your jewellery when bathing, showering and swimming as soaps, shampoos, chlorine and saltwater may be harmful to your jewellery. Only stainless steel body jewellery can be worn in water.

    Cleaning: For pieces set with crystals and pearls, do not use any jewellery cleaning solutions, as this may affect the lustre and loosen the setting of the stones. To clean these more delicate items, use a tissue or soft polishing cloth to wipe away any grease or marks.

    Nickel Content: We always request all of our body jewellery, either 9ct gold or silver and steel, to be nickel-free, however occasionally some pieces may include very small traces of nickel.

    Opal Jewellery

    Opals are a very beautiful, however very soft gemstone and therefore require special care. Opals will can chip or break easily if they are knocked.

  • Do not wear opals when they may get rough treatment eg sports, gardening
  • Do not submerge in water or use any chemicals on them
  • Opals are 8% water and do not like to get too dry
  • Do not sleep wearing your jewellery